Messerschmitt Bf-109 replika

Prije izvesnog broja godina tražeći po internetu neku dobru repliku Bf-109 naišao sam na jednu koja je izgledala skoro pa savršeno. Nadao sam se da bi po cijeni mogla biti pristupačnija nego neki oraiginalni Bf-109 kojih danas ima vrlo malo u letnom stanju.

Bob Miler iz SAD koji živi u državi Dakota, uradio je prelijpi primjerak čuvenog njemačkog lovca Bf-109 G-2, naizgled vjernu kopiju. Nadao sam se da bi mi možda mogao pomoći u izradi replike lovca VVKJ Me-109 E-3 koji bi bio leteća replika. Njegov odgovor bi mogao biti zanimljiv mnogima koji bi htjeli ući u priču o izradi replike u originalnim dimenzijam. Mislim da je njegov odgovor vrlo poučan pa ga u orignalu postujem ovdje. Svakako me čovjek odbio od plana za izradu replike Bf-109 a evo zašto.

Dear Sirs,
I have seen on your web site an exquisite replica of Messrschmitt. I’m very interested in wether is possible for you to make a replica Bf-109E-3. My country (ex The Kingdom of Yugoslavia) had, as a part of its armors, Messrschmitt Bf-109E-3. We don’t have any example of that aircraft but we have one Bf-109G-2, which is in our museum in Belgrade, but not of any interest to me.
I’m an avio enthusiasta (UL pilot) and I’d like to make or get a very good replica of Bf-109E-3.
I would be very thankful on your information how to get this aircraft or at least where could I search for such an information.
Here is a photo of Bf-109E-3 with the decalls of The Kingdom of Yugoslavia (the Kosovo kross).

With my best regards

(from Serbia and Montenegro)

Dear R. Mrsulja,

Peter and I thank you for your interest in our Messerschmitt.  Many have asked our opinion of this aircraft as a sport plane.   After working on it for these past  few years we are convinced that it is not suitable at all, nor do we think a faithful reproduction of the Bf109  ever would be.

The difficulty is that this replica reproduces the dimensions, angles, moments, and PROBLEMS of the original with extreme fidelity.  For instance, the narrow canted main landing  wheels only run true when the tail is up and level.  The toe-out generated by the three point attitude makes the simple act of pulling or pushing the machine across a clean hangar floor an exercise attended by a great deal of  scuffing and tire squealing.  Recall that a large portion of the total production run was lost in ground handling accidents. This is unacceptable in a sport plane.  The engine/propeller issue has never been resolved to our satisfaction and consequently we have always  refrained from making recommendations or endorsements  in this area.  In fact, my current view of this project is that it was a failure. The cockpit is very confining for one person and certainly not adaptable (ala P-51) for two.  And finally, the surface panels are made of fiberglass, not pre-impregnated carbon cloth.  Their excessive weight makes them  better suited to serve on outdoor static displays than as parts on a flying aircraft !    With all these factors plus the liability issue taken into account we do not feel it would be ethical to offer anything we have as a kit, a flying aircraft, or parts intended to fly.  The Fw 190 would have been a much better choice to replicate for several of the reasons mentioned above.

Given the  significance of the Messerschmitt’s creation to the world of aviation, it is too bad that it makes such a poor homebuilt.  In the historic arena  it surpasses all others.  Not only was it produced in greater numbers than any other fighter, but it brought  innovation in the way the world thought about airplanes.  And who can deny the way it looks !  Even just glowering in the corner of the hangar it has a sinister essence, a Teutonic purposefulness  that commands attention.  Sometimes after I have been away for a while, I’ll go out to the airport  thinking only of the RV-8, the Cessna 172, or Pitts Special,  the 109 far back in my mind.  Then, as the hangar door opens, there it is once again, a silhouette that makes  the hair stand up on your neck.

For nearly a decade the Bf 109 was the scourge of the allied world.  Now, 70 years after its inception, photos alone are left remind current generations of what once was…….

As for you question, yes it would be possible to provide you with a non-flying replica, but the cost would be excessive, probably in the neighborhood of $xx,xxx.  If you remain interested after hearing this number, I’d be happy to provide you with further details.

Thanks again for your interest.


Bob Miller

The end of our first example……….

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  1. Wolfram Blank says:

    Dear Mr. Miller,
    once again I would like to put a question to you:
    Do you still own the molds for the production of
    GRP fuselage and wings of your Me 109?
    I would love to buy the molds.

    Sincerely yours

    Wolfram Blank

  2. Svrljig says:

    Штета за авионче, надам се да нико није страдао.

    Овај месершмит 109, је у своје време (око беше 1935-6.), заиста био ловачки авион број један на свету. То се мора знати! Наравно, ђаво да носи и немце и фашизам у бестрага…

    109 је својом укупном концепцијом, тактиком употребе, начином сагледавања проблема производње (ајд и то, иако…), употребе, био нешто нај нај онога времена. А сигурно и данашњи авио конструктори, ако нису у стању да сагледају све аспекте Ме-109, неће НИКАД направити авион да ваља – 100%

    Руси су наравно, одмах уочили тајну Ме-109 и то правилно (шпански грађански и обавештајци)!
    Јак је био Руски продукт концепције Ме-109, али са наравно примењеним Руским могућностима производње и употребе.

    Даља судбина Ме-109, се огледа у МиГ-15, 17, 21 и наравно 25 и 31.
    При томе, од резона Ме-109 не одступа знатно ни серија МиГ-23.
    МиГ-ови 19, 29 нису на тај калуп.

    Укратко, авион испред свог времена, који је трасирао пут непобедивости до данас (и сутра).

    Има и једно АЛИ.
    А то је да његов конструктор, није наставио тим резоном, што ће рећи, да Ме-109 и није био први авион тог концепта, јер да је конструктор употребио своја искуства, никада се не би одрекао истих.

    Ето за мене је тајна, на основу чије идеје је развијен Ме-109? Немачке није сигурно, а познајући немачка “достигнућа” пре 1939, јасно је да је Ме-109 највероватније концепција из Царске Русије (врло могуће и француске)…


  3. Sergio says:


    thanks for information!…

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